FWOM Contest Winners

We recently replaced the cooking racks on the Ferris Wheel of Meat and installed these new beauties. Since our opening this engineering marvel, conceived over a few Zombie Dust and Juicy Lucy’s, has put in some miles while cooking the meats! How many miles do you think the “FWOM” has traveled? The correct answer will win you a $50 gift card. Let’s also say if you guess the total amount of meat cooked on the “FWOM” during the same time, you’ll also earn a $50 gift card!

OUR WINNER FOR “HOW MANY MILES DO YOU THINK THE FWOM HAS TRAVELED” IS : Nick Albright with 2255miles (Actual Miles 2248)

OUR WINNER FOR “HOW MUCH MEAT HAS THE FWOM COOKED” IS: Robert Cross with 176,240lbs (Actual 238,000lbs)

Contact us to collect your $50 Dollar gift cards!!! Congrats to the winners!

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