New Product Announcement!

[Spoiler Alert]. Something very new and very delicious is going to be revealed down at the Rusted Silo.

You’ll still want to enjoy our smoked brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and ribs. BUT….

Let me introduce you to the newest, fakest, juiciest, non-meaty thing in town. The NEW “You will not believe it’s meat” plant based burger. Today, I work with a team of over 5 scientists, engineers and researchers, and my job hasn’t changed much. We work together every day to make the best fake meat Lizton, Indiana has ever seen — directly from plants.

“Think about it this way: We just bypass the cow, and save that for the true meat lovers.” says Pit Master Rob Ecker We’ve studied thousands of proteins and tested many millions of ingredients to get to our early prototypes, the first of over 20 before we landed on our first recipe. Most importantly, we conducted over 250 external consumer tests at four sites, involving more than 5,000 individual tastings.

“For me, what set the “You will not believe it’s meat” apart from other fake burgers I’ve tried was the texture, the exact right balance between a juicy interior and a seared exterior that really did not taste like meat.” said a customer that did not wish their identity to be shared while testing non meat foods.

Save the real BBQ for Meat Lovers!

Come see us down at the Silo for some good ol’ fashioned Southern BBQ take-out. Hope you enjoyed the laugh! Stay safe out there!

Happy April Fools Day!

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