Rusted Silo Spring Update 2021

Hey Friends,

We are so excited to be back and in action down at the Silo. Slinging Q’ like we were meant to!  Thanks, so much for stopping by and all of the support everyone has given us during our process of re-opening. We are doing a couple really cool things aside of the BBQ.

Check them out below.

The Great Lizton Smokeout

The Great Lizton Smokeout is coming up soon! Entry for teams is still open for this inaugural charity BBQ event.

Check out the full rules and details for this along with the ability to sign up online! All Proceed go to Girls Nite In International.

About Girls Night In International

GNI founder Jimmelynn Rice was teaching at the high school when girls making self-destructive choices began coming to her for help and guidance – before, during, and after school.

Jimme began intentionally taking her breaks in the girls’ restroom, rather than the faculty lounge, knowing that the restroom is often a girl’s safe place, either to be vulnerable or when she is hurting. She loved girls through pregnancy fears, bullying, purging, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, addiction, and abusive family members.

Jimme could not get these girls’ stories out of her head or heart and became consumed with a passion to create a safe refuge where girls know that they are welcome, wanted, valued, and loved®.


We at Rusted Silo believe that these values are very important and that organizations such as this serve a great need in our communities near and far beyond Hendricks County.

Come on down and sample BBQ on the 18th or put a team together and BBQ with us all night!

The BBQ Apprentice

We are doing things a little different in 2021! Do you know someone who can handle the smoke? We are looking for folks passionate about BBQ. This is a full time paid position.

No experience necessary to those with excellent potential. This is the ultimate learning role as well as opportunity to help us grow which can expand into a long-term sous chef / Pitmaster position, or other lucrative futures.

Learn more about our program and apply at:…/03/the-bbq-apprentice/


Thanks for reading down this far in our little update. We are always excited to share what we do!

See you down at the Silo!

– Pitmaster Rob

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